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The humble field jacket hasn’t achieved ubiquity for nothing. Its simple, rugged styling and soft olive hue have made it a cornerstone of wardrobes the world over. As such, there is little to say about the field jacket that hasn’t already been said, but one thing does bear repeating: it’s a tremendously useful item of clothing. And so it should be – most field jackets have their origins in militaria, and as such are designed primarily for utility, with any aesthetic appeal a by-product. They can be thrown over anything, from tailoring to casualwear, and an abundance of pockets provides ample room for carrying daily essentials.

Another virtue of the field jacket is that it is something of a blank slate. It adapts to the wearer’s personal style beautifully, and depending on the context can communicate a sense of almost any era of modern fashion, from ‘50s prep, to ‘60s counter-culture, right up to the present day. This adaptability also makes the field jacket ripe for reimagining. Admittedly, we do tend towards an ‘if it ain’t broke’ attitude when it comes to the classics, but a subtle twist on the field jacket can be a wonderful thing. 


For the Spring/Summer ’18 season, we have brought back the linen D-43: our take on an original M-43 field jacket, cut from a rich, textured linen for those milder days. As well as the original khaki green, the D-43 is now available in deep navy, too. On top of this, we have introduced a new style of field jacket, cut from a lightweight waterproof performance fabric. A close cousin of the iconic Vietnam ‘jungle jacket,’ it has a refined four-pocket front, and a drawstring at the waist to add shape. Perhaps unsurprisingly, both of these pieces are exceedingly versatile, and will see you through half the year in fine style.  

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